• Siti Hartati Murdaya, also known as SHM was born in 1946 in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. A city girl her whole life, Hartati was the eldest of 7 siblings, all sisters with only one son as the youngest brother. Responsible and hard working, she was known to be the jack of all trades in the family – she could bake cakes, sew clothes, cut hair, and help her mother take care of all her younger siblings. Hartati went to school at Tri Sakti University where she studied economics, and after she worked in her father’s saw mill company as the general manager.

  • In 1971, she met Widyawimarta Poo, a young entrepreneur at that time, who came to her father’s company to tender for a project. Within 6 months, Hartati and Widyawimarta Poo were engaged. They were married in 1972, and after a year, Hartati left her father’s company to assist her new husband in building their business together. As their business grew, Hartati later attended an Executive Program for Graduate Students at Stanford University in California in 1984 and the Management for Smaller Companies Program at NUS (National University of Singapore) n 1985.

  • Hartati loves to sing, knit, and go on long drives for fun – when given the chance in her busy schedule. She has 4 children who have all been educated in the US from a young age. Currently, they reside in San Francisco, New York, and Jakarta. She has been a devout vegetarian for over 30 years.

  • Awards

    * Forbes: One of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Asia
    * Mahaputri Kartini Awards 2012 FROM Sun Event.
    * Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2011 from APEA
    *Asean Personality Awards 1993 from the Asean program consultant and Grahana CastaFoundation
    *Award from the Executive Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in 2008 as the central management of IRC for 1999-2004 PMI and for the aid provided sincerely  in supporting the humanitarian tasks through the Indonesian Red Cross

  • Appreciations: 

    * Appreciation to PT. Hardaya Inti Plantation Investor in the transmigration area of Buol Regency, Central Sulawesi from the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration
    *Appreciation in terms of Gratitude for Donation for development of Vihara Maitreya from the Executive Chairman of DPP MAPANBUMI in 2008.
    *Appreciation as the Best Builder of Female Labor in 1992 for West Java Provincial Level from the State Minister for Woman Affairs.
    *Appreciation for the contribution in the development of Buddhism in Indonesia from the Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand in 1991
    *Appreciation for the active participation in assisting the Buddhist Education Fund Foundation "Nalanda" from the Buddhist Education Fund Foundation Nalanda in 1992.
    *Appreciation for participation in supporting the activities through the GELOLA PEMBANGUNAN INDONESIA film from the Founding Board of Bangun Citra Nusantara in 1991.