In 1998, SHM created an organization called WALUBI, a consortium of various Buddhism organizations, including the Lembaga Keagamaan Buddha, Dewan Sangha, Badan Kehormatan and Wadah Kemasyarakatanin, all representing differing sects of Buddhism in an effort to cultivate cooperation as a group and promote Buddhism in Indonesia. One of Walubi’s strong tenets is a commitment to community service, along with having an open mind to others’ faiths and beliefs.



A commitment to helping those less needy transpired into community service events which specialized in relief work after natural disasters, providing food, shelter, and medical attention to those impacted by flood, earthquake, or tsunami – including the tragic disaster of Aceh. Other events include medical missions where doctors and medical staff of all faiths volunteer to give free, needed medical treatment to thousands of patients, including cataract removals, cleft-lip corrections in children, tumor removals, and dental care. SHM organizes and participates in these missions, often seen speaking with the doctors, and attending to patients.


The volunteering events encourage people of all faiths to come together for the common purpose of helping those in need, regardless of religion, race, or gender. Employees of her company encouraged to participate, and many have been avid supporters and volunteers for over a decade, the idea being no matter how busy one is, one should always make time to give back. 


Based on the belief that helping each other builds community, Walubi’s mission is to help people of all faiths, and encourage collaboration and volunteerism from everyone of all faiths in the efforts to help those in need.


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